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Electronics giant Phillips – which pioneered the connection of lighting equipment over the internet with its Hue lamp – has joined the AllSeen Alliance, which is developing a common software framework for devices, services and apps through its AllJoyn project.
The lack of women in engineering is a very real problem, so it is good to report any news that is helping to solve this difficulty. One such is the IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards. Now, for 2014, three outstandingly good young women engineers have been rewarded by the IET for their...
A new Stone, Staffordshire-based Power Consulting team offers the expertise, tools and modeling capability to address all power systems challenges, says ABB:
Furse’s popular StrikeRisk software makes risk assessments lightning fast. Our latest software to International/European Standard IEC/EN 62305 Protection against Lightning is an invaluable and effective tool for all those involved in working out risk to IEC/EN 62305 part 2.
The DALI lighting protocol has been around since 1984 and has become widely used as a standard throughout the world. But with the ‘Internet of Things’ now expanding fast, how will DALI fit into the lighting scheme of things? James Hunt reports:
UK, September 1, 2015 – new system from a world leader in automation to enable new generation of smart homes controlled by a smartphone or tablet.
The number of industrial controllers connected to the internet is set to triple by the end of the decade, according to ABI Research.
A new IHS study finds that the market performance for medium-voltage (MV) motors is linked closely to the performance of its end-user industries and global economic conditions, so the forecast varies. Yet there will be an expected uptick in growth globally in the medium to long term. James Hunt...
Until 31st of December 2015 or while stocks last, Fluke (UK) is offering a free current clamp to end users purchasing a multifunction installation tester, plus free data management software with the higher end testers.

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