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Flexible and versatile continuous row lighting system for commercial and industrial applications
Product featuresHigh temperature cable (up to 125°C)Cable for modular 4p4c connectionPack contains 25 piecesAreas of applicationMounts onto grid for LS/PD MULTI 3 A and LS/PD MULTI 3 A-w
ApplicationsBUS cables to connect Controller Area Network componentsTransmission characteristics : 1Mbit/s up to 40m50Kbit/s up to 1 km Flexible cable to be used for machinery equipment and industrialenvironments.Suitable for harsh environments StandardsCAN standard and customers...
ApplicationsCommunication between automation equipment and computer systemswithin factories and production machinerySuitable for industrial twisted pair networks facilitating ISDNconnection and WAN (Wide Area Network) StandardsAccording ProfinetMarking: week and year of productionCore...
Construction Products Regulation will define how cables used in construction will react to fire

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