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Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton has launched the final installment in its first series of 'Power 101 with Professor Wattson' power management videos for IT professionals, resellers and distributors.
There are plenty of benefits of installing Quantum for you and your customers. Find out more in this article.
Emergency lighting schemes are designed to protect life. In the event of a fire, or mains supply failure, escape route lighting and exit signs must illuminate and maintain power for a sufficient period of time to allow occupants to safely evacuate the building:
Power management company Eaton has launched its new E75/E76 series of high performance photoelectric sensors. Sensors with field-adjustable background suppression and a considerably extended sensing range are being released for the first time thanks to the IntelliView technology. This technology enables a number of new sensing techniques for...
International Standards provide technological, economic and societal benefits by helping to harmonise the product, system and service technical specifications that make industry more efficient. Barriers to international trade are reduced or removed. Not only that, but conformity to International Standards also helps reassure consumers that...
With Quantum, up to 90% of your heating is provided using low-cost, off-peak energy saving your customers money.
Dr Jeremy Hodge, chief executive of the British Approvals Service for Cables (BASEC) anticipates a strong demand for their soon to open cable fire testing facility, as the cable industry moves to implement the Construction Products Regulation 2011 (CPR).
The ongoing debate about energy prices and a sustained period of marketing investment has helped to ensure Dimplex’s innovative Quantum heating system continues to be in high demand from installers and home owners alike.
Facing £157m budget cuts over the next few years, Derbyshire County Council decided that some lateral thinking was needed. The result is the plan to replace its over 68,000 existing streetlights with low energy LED lighting to help balance the books. By James Hunt:
A very recent article in The Guardian’s G2 section took a long look at the Autolib’ (and no, that inverted comma is not a mistake!) electric car sharing scheme that has been running with conspicuous success in Paris for three years. Some 30 million miles later, it is coming to London. By James Hunt:

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